Site design for Medscape: the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Designing for structure

Because so much content is published daily, it's important for the content to be organized properly on the page. Sticking with a three column structure, I worked closely with the user experience team to come up with layout patterns.

Interactive responsive charts

Salary informatoin is important to physicians and Medscape is #1 when it comes to that data. Using research from the data team, I was able to come up with an interactive chart that breaks down physicians' salaries by gender, location, age and specialty. Compare salaries of colleagues or track average salaries over the years.

Choosing the right font

When publishing medical content, certain terms tend to get pretty lengthy. By switching from Proxima Nova to a more condensed font, such as Roboto Condensed, for headlines, we were able to get more characters per line.

Optimizing for mobile

The content fully optimized for mobile devices. For layout option 1,2,3 and 4 the content stacks perfectly. The responsive charts turn into a listed view, and the video content becomes a horizontal slider.